indigenous nomads of the sahara

Saharan Caravan Quest on 10 Days From Marrakesh

Venture on an amazing 10-day desert expedition and experience the unmatched splendor of southern Morocco. This tour is like no other; it will lead you through the magical Dades and Draa Valleys, revealing the hidden treasures of the area and culminating in the expansive Erg Chebbi and Erg Chigaga deserts. As one of our slow travel excursions, this trip has been carefully planned to give you plenty of time to thoroughly enjoy the Sahara.

As you make your way through the alluring Dades Valley, where verdant oases and craggy red cliffs create a breathtaking scene, your journey begins. Discover the essence of Moroccan culture by visiting historic Berber settlements tucked away in the valley, which provide a genuine window into daily life. Wandering through this verdant refuge, you’ll discover the Draa Valley, with its lush palm groves and historic kasbahs whispering tales of bygone periods. Get ready to be charmed with the transition into the Erg Chebbi desert as the journey progresses. As far as the eye can see, towering golden dunes create an exotic scene that is both calm and breathtaking. Riding a camel over the dunes, take in the Sahara’s ageless allure at a relaxed pace. Enjoy the peace and simplicity of life among the dunes by spending evenings in traditional desert camps beneath the sky.

The route continues in the direction of the remote Erg Chigaga desert, a less-traveled route where peace and quiet are paramount. Explore the nomadic way of life as you meander across sand dunes that are constantly shifting due to wind. Accept the leisurely pace of your journey to fully experience the essence of the Sahara.

On this ten-day journey, you will see the fascinating cultures of the desert settlements in addition to taking in the breathtaking scenery. Indulge in the rich tapestry of customs by taking part in regional festivities and enjoying real food. Our dedication to leisurely travel means you’ll have plenty of time to really experience each place, making memories that will last long after the trip is over.

Highlights :

  • Experience the magnificent scenery of the Dades and Draa Valleys with their ancient Ksours and villages
  • Riding a camel through the recognizable Erg Chebbi desert, which is encircled by enormous, never-ending golden dunes
  • Enter the secluded Erg Chigaga desert to experience the nomadic way of life in a less-traveled area
  • This 10-day trip is designed to be taken slowly so that you can enjoy each moment, feel the true beauty of each place, and connect with the spirit of the Sahara
  • Spend the desert nights in a traditional camp beneath the stars and experience the peace and simplicity of life among the dunes
  • Take part in the lively local culture by eating delicious food and celebrating with the locals
Glamping Desert Morocco

Glamping Desert Morocco

Our exclusive Glamping Desert Morocco retreat, which is tucked away in the endless, sun-kissed dunes of the Southern Moroccan Sahara. Provides a lovely haven of peace where you can go on a life-changing adventure with the local nomads. Time stands still here, and the everlasting wisdom of the desert wafts through the breeze. Engage in an unearthly beauty as the sands rustle beneath your feet and the stars above provide a backdrop for reflection and revelation.

The nomads, the true custodians of this sacred desert, will welcome you with open hearts, sharing their ancient knowledge passed down through generations. As the golden sunsets paint the horizon. You’ll engage in profound conversations and experience the profound traditions of the Saharan nomadic culture. Their deep wisdom, a repository of life’s fundamental truths, will inspire you to reconnect with the essence of existence. The vastness of the Sahara becomes a mirror to your soul, reflecting the profound insights that lie within. In this private retreat, you’ll not only escape the noise of the world but also rediscover the quiet depths of your own inner wisdom, leaving you forever changed by the beautiful spirit of the Southern Moroccan Sahara.

Our steadfast dedication to offering genuine, off-the-beaten-path experiences that transport you far from the tourist clichés is what makes our tour unique from others. Many tours only skim the surface of Morocco’s natural beauty. In this glamping desert Morocco retreat, we take you deep into the country to find undiscovered gems. And of course to the local marvels that aren’t affected by tourism.


  • Step into a realm where the golden sun kisses the endless dunes of the Southern Moroccan Sahara, bringing time to a standstill
  • Forge a deep connection with the true custodians of this sacred desert, the local nomads
  • Profound insights and reflection as the stars twinkle overhead, the vastness of the Sahara becomes a mirror to your soul
  • Rediscover inner wisdom, escape the noise of the world in our private glamping retreat
  • Experience Morocco’s breathtaking scenery and diverse culture while being led by our commitment to offering life-changing and distinctive experiences