Sahara Caravan Adventure On 8 days

Join an unforgettable 8-day Sahara Desert caravan that will transport you across the breathtaking scenery of Morocco and provide an unmatched blend of adventure, luxury, and cultural immersion. Your adventure starts in the alluring Agafay Desert, where the swaying golden dunes serve as an introduction to the splendor of the Sahara. Drive through the desert in a tough 4WD vehicle, taking in the stunning scenery as you negotiate the ever-changing landscapes that are unfurling in front of you.

As you travel deeper into the desert, you will come to the renowned Merzouga Desert, which is the location of the famous Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Here, as the light dances across the sky, the soaring dunes paint the scene in varying hues. Enjoy the thrill of riding in a camel caravan through the dunes to a luxurious desert tent hidden among the sand dunes. You’ll be surrounded by the placid beauty of the desert in this peaceful haven of luxury, and you’ll enjoy the embrace of opulent lodgings that blend in with the breathtaking scenery. The fascinating expanse of the Erg Chigaga sand sea will welcome you as your caravan travels on to Erg Chigaga, the desert’s undiscovered beauty. Participate in thrilling dune bashing and allow the sheer size of the landscape to astound you. Participate in true cultural exchanges with nomadic people against this breathtaking backdrop to learn about their long-gone customs and connections to the land. The knowledge they impart and the connections you make will give you memories to treasure forever.

Each day of this incredible tour will be an occasion for exploration and adventure, and the nights spent in opulent desert camps will allow you to enjoy stargazing under endlessly starry skies. The seven-day Sahara Desert caravan expertly combines the excitement of four-wheel drive exploration, the comfort of magnificent accommodations, and the depth of cultural engagement, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the unending beauty and time-honored customs of Morocco’s majestic desert landscapes.

jewish heritage

Guided Tour Marrakech’s Rich Jewish Heritage

On a thorough full-day trip that honors centuries of cultural fusion, learn about Marrakech’s rich and diverse Jewish legacy. Explore the rich history, distinctive architecture, and cultural practices that have influenced the Jewish community inside the fabric of the city on this illuminating excursion.  Your knowledgeable guide will show you to historical sites that highlight the Jewish presence in Marrakech as you through the medina’s centuries-old alleyways. Admire the splendor of the Lazama Synagogue, a monument to the brilliant artistic fusion of Jewish and Moroccan elements. Investigate the background of the Mellah, the thriving Jewish neighborhood where you can see how different religions live in peace.

The tour continues to the Bahia Palace, a masterpiece of architecture that sheds light on the Jewish courtiers who formerly influenced Moroccan history. Consider pausing for a moment of thought in the peaceful Jewish cemetery, where generations of the neighborhood slumber in peace. Enjoy a traditional meal while indulging in the distinct flavors of Moroccan-Jewish cuisine, allowing your palette to discover the fusion of flavors that have developed over time. Additionally, your tour will take you to bright spice marketplaces where you may savor the aromas and hues that have influenced traders and chefs for countless years.

kabbalists tsadikim of Marrakesh : Rabbi Hanania Hacohen, Rabbi Ytshak Delouya , Rabbi Moshe Halioua , Rabbi Abraham Abitbol , Rabbi Shlomo Amar , Rabbi David Hazan , Rabbi Abraham Azoulay , Rabbi Mordekhai Brn Attar , Rabbi Shlomo ben Tamsot et Rabbi Pinhas Hacohen Azog.


  • Visite Of Mallah Former jewish quarter
  • Salat Al Azama synagogue
  • Miaara jewish cemetery
  • Bahia Palace
  • Souks

Marrakech shop morocco

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marrakech ladies shoppers

Marrakech Paradies Of Ladies Shoppers

In the magical paradise of Marrakech, indulge in the ultimate shopping escapade especially for the discerning ladies. Set off on a sensory experience through bustling souks and vivid markets, where a rainbow of colors, smells, and treasures await. Every corner reveals a new side of Moroccan fashion and culture, from the famed Jemaa el-Fnaa Square, where entertainers and artists meet, to the complex booths of Souk Semmarine offering luxury textiles and accessories. Immerse yourself with the Souk des Teinturiers’ dyeing traditions and the olfactory marvels of Rahba Kedima Spice Square, Souk Haddadin (blacksmith’s souk) Souk Talaa (leatherwork artisan’s workshops). Explore the old Mellah Market and its cultural blend .
Negotiate for the finest leather products, metalwork, and jewelry in the center of the city, keeping haggling as an art form and traditional manners in mind. Your shopping trip to Marrakech is more than simply a voyage; it’s a celebration of women, culture, and style, all intertwined in this beautiful Moroccan tapestry.

  • Jamaa El Fana Square
  • Souk Sammarine ( Grand bazar )
  • Blacksmiths Souk
  • Leatherwork Artisans’s Market
  • Moroccan interior design showrooms
  • Moroccan tribal rugs exhibition
  • Traditional Moroccan herbalist (Aromantique, essential oils, spices)